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Ash Sakula is a thought-leading architectural studio, based in central London. We specialize in working with challenging sites and complex briefs, where our fresh thinking and inventive design can most benefit our clients and those who use the places we make. Our work has won many awards and is widely published in Britain and abroad.

Our studio

Tucked into an old London mews, Ash Sakula’s studio is a former stable that opens up like a box of tricks. It is a place to conjure up architecture, a place to be pioneering, agile and energetic. Surfing the before-during-and-after cycles of architecture, we toggle nimbly between new digital platforms and older disciplines of architectural craft, between static and moving images and between different scales, from zoomed-in details to the broad sweep of a city-centre masterplan.

We are not shy about our progressive, user-focussed culture – but we have an excellent record for creating profitable sustainable assets, which generate both cultural capital and financial return, for our clients.

It is rare to hear architects acknowledge or discuss their artistic side. This is something else we aren’t shy about. We play with how our projects will look by jumping into a particular medium, whether that’s a sketch or a model or an animation, and trying things out until a visual narrative emerges. It’s a bit like allowing a character to coalesce as you are writing a play. We enjoy experimenting with colours and inventing new textures. We have created unusual effects from unpromising materials. We favour the rough and the handmade over the slick or machine-manufactured and this, in our experience, strikes a chord also with the users of our buildings.

Early on, Ash Sakula put out the “Back Soon” signs and took a long sabbatical to travel the world. Our experience equipped us with a mental scrapbook of sound, light, texture, colour, materials, and a catalogue of references to different ways of eating, meeting, doing business and earning a living. We discovered so many other ways of doing things, and we often ask, “Why not here?”

We understood how architecture can encourage behaviours and ways of inhabiting public space that help build communities and foster convivial neighbourhoods. We know how to deliver successful places where people want to be, while keeping our clients happy by adding value through careful, sensitive, people-centred design.

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