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Atlantic founder, Louisa Keating spent her first twenty years in the US, the following twenty in the UK. She and her team now divide time between their UK base and projects in Europe and North America.

A varied and wide-ranging design background including time with Helen Green means Louisa’s unfazed by complexity or size of project at the same time as having little patience with pretension or the impractical. As one client comments “. . . she had an uncanny knack of clarifying our ideas, seeming to know instinctively what we’d love and not wasting time with what we wouldn’t. She and her team consistently thought laterally, sorting the apparently insoluble and sourcing the unusual, at the same time as keeping a frighteningly firm finger on the practical.”

Louisa has an instinct for elegant luxury, an intuitive grasp of architectural detail and a knack for precision and detailing when it comes to finishes and furnishings – all of which have helped take Atlantic to where it is today. She has built her reputation on integrity and individuality of design and is certainly never afraid to tell a client when something really won’t work, because in her view longevity as well as looks and supreme comfort are equally important.


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