An enormously successful team, Burrows Little has had experience of a wide range of architectural and design projects. We understand the symbiotic relationship between the landlord and tenants and concentrate on improving the environment within which both parties work. All our projects are Director led and the Client has direct contact with the owners of Burrows Little from start to finish.

Burrows Little, a highly experienced specialist architectural and ID studio was established by the two founders and directors, John Burrows and Ian Little. John and Ian have been close friends since 1978 and the company, formed originally together with Richard Cave in 1998, was renamed in 2012

Based in Bankside London, Burrows Little specializes in large-scale master-planning, architectural and design services for retail, leisure, residential, commercial and mixed-use projects around the globe, but especially Europe, the Eurasian countries, Middle East and Africa.

Our specialist cinema and casino skills are highly regarded as we blend highly innovative interior design with a high degree of technical knowledge about the operation of both genres. Our team is easy to work with and likes to listen to clients and understand their visions. We specifically select people who are both innovative and people-orientated.

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