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At Contents Design we have a unique approach to Interior Architecture, with passion running through everything we do. Personal is what we do best, the team you see is the team that will remain with you through the life of your project. Our project experience ranges in value from £20K to £40M and covers everything from bespoke design and minor refurbishments up to new build construction projects. We use the latest BIM (Building Information Modelling) software which makes us instinctively innovative. Our designs are evidence based to provide a tailored response to a clients immediate and future needs. In a changing world, the environments we choose to work, rest and play are no longer clearly defined. We deliberately work across different sectors as it enables us to bring fresh perspectives to each design solution.

Project Criteria

  • Domestic / Contract
  • Preferred Client Location
  • Preferred Project Location
  • Size of Contract
    £20k - £4million
  • Insurances
    £5M Public and Products Liability
  • Independent Status

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