CPMG is an award-winning firm providing services in architecture, interior design & visualisation.

Since 1997 we have been growing our reputation for designing award winning buildings and spaces that meet our clients’ needs and that are also delightful places to be, we continue to grow and we have no intention of stopping. Fast forward to now and we offer over 20 years of cross sector experience from our headquarters in Nottingham and offices in Birmingham, London and China.

We are designing buildings across the UK and around the world, focusing our designs around human needs: supporting growing communities, building homes and workplaces, producing sustainable solutions, harnessing new technologies, and cultivating health and well-being.

Our mission is to design places that feel better, and our core values focus on people, purpose and place.

We listen to our clients and combine creativity and practicality to produce visually striking buildings and spaces that have a beautiful and inviting exterior and a thoughtfully designed interior that really works.

It is our belief that our value to communities lies not only in the provision of an improved and efficient built environment but also in our approach to delivering social value to the communities where we operate.

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