Inspired by organic form, natural palettes and textural depth, Deborah first discovered her passion for interiors when she and her husband bought their first property as a stepping-stone to sell and move on fairly quickly. ‘I have very fond memories of our first project in Cardiff. It was hard work and our boys were very young at the time, but I loved every second; I still have the diary in which I kept all the fabric and wallpaper swatches and paint charts’. Deborah developed the property on a budget and so began her long love affair with interiors.

Compelled to develop her passion for interiors, Deborah embarked on an interior design course to challenge and nurture the creative forces within her. Upon completion Deborah was asked to join a small team working in Cardiff and a year later in 1997 she had set up Deborah Drew Designs Ltd ‘It all happened so quickly, yet it felt so right. Before I knew it I had built up my own extensive client list and within a year I was running ten plus projects simultaneously and singlehandedly!’

Six years later, with a wealth of expertise under her belt and a broad client list of both residential and commercial clients, Deborah was selected as the on-screen interior designer for BBC1’s primetime show DIY SOS. ‘It was an incredible experience, to be a part of the team helping families, down on their luck, to get their homes and lives back on track’. With over fifty programmes credited to Deborah’s designs, it was a four-year journey, which saw strong friendships develop. ‘From the production teams and the Crews to the gorgeous and hilarious on-screen team I worked with, it felt like one big family. I love the boys and try to see them as often as is possible – they mean a great deal to me and I have some fantastic memories, which I will cherish always.’ A popular designer on the show, Deborah’s decision to leave DIY SOS was quite simply a family decision ‘my sons were starting high school and I felt the need to be there, I just feel some things are more important!’

Deborah’s keen eye for detail and creative flair combined with her personable manner and intrinsic understanding of the individual requirements of each of her clients, gives Deborah the edge when it comes to choosing an interior designer. ‘I believe there is a bit of an interior designer in everyone today. The problems arise because styles and trends change with the seasons, new products are constantly appearing on the market, and all this choice can leave people confused and quite often overwhelmed. The most important thing is to get it right from the start. Whilst interiors are more affordable today, mistakes are folly and not only cost money, they cost us our precious time. As a result, what should be a joyful and pleasurable experience all too often turns into a stressful one’.

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