We believe in an holistic approach to creating excellent and successful buildings, landscapes and experiences that are both people and place specific.

Unifying elegant architecture with low energy principles, building biology, and landscape design, we create beautiful, healthy and uplifting buildings and landscapes. We believe that fully integrated design solutions deliver the most sustainable, low energy and healthy building designs and value for money.

Human health and the health of the environment are at the root of our designs. Buildings and landscapes should nourish us through the use of healthy materials and life-enriching spaces.

Our architecture is grounded in science. Concepts through to completed designs are modeled on sound building physics and biology, ensuring that buildings perform in use as expected.

We believe in a fabric first, optimal-orientation approach to design, reducing the environmental impact of a development, through first minimising the energy demand of a building before adding renewables where appropriate. The result is low-carbon solutions that respond to a changing climate and tackle fuel poverty at the same time.

Through thoughtful design and careful development we enhance our environment. We view human beings and buildings as integral components of the landscape. We follow permaculture principles, a creative design process based on whole-systems thinking, which allow us to reconsider our relationship with the environment and each other. Our focus extends beyond the building and our designs regenerate the environment, working with, rather than against natural systems; integrating people into designed, productive ecosystems.

Working across a wide spectrum of projects has enabled us to develop a coherent architectural language, rooted in the local context and paired with robust, simple and considered constructional detailing.

As a team of architects, mechanical engineers, building physicists and biologists, certified Passivhaus designers and permaculture designers we have spent over 25 years exclusively designing and delivering, healthy, low energy buildings that people love to live, study, work, play in, and enjoy.

Gale & Snowden Architects Ltd is an award-winning, Devon-based RIBA Chartered Practice established in 1992. We work locally and throughout the UK and have links with organisations in Europe

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