The Genius Loci is a Charted Architectural Practice which also incorporates interior design. We strive for perfection so when it comes to defining a client’s requirements we take a meticulous approach to every aspect of the process. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a space come to life and distilling personality into distinctive designs for residential and commercial projects alike. Design itself is a process and we work closely with the client from the outset, on projects from new builds to refurbishments, aligning our architectural and interior design knowledge to define every detail of the requirements.

From the very first sketches to our comprehensive project management our aim is always to exceed expectations. Our skilled interior design involves the art of understanding human behaviour in order to create designed spaces that are effortlessly functional as well as beautiful. Our design brings colour, texture and form together to create intimate living environments which reflect personal style and character. From interior finishes to the final fabrics and materials, we work with you through every stage so we can reveal beautiful spaces designed for life.

In addition we also curate art as we believe in the importance of surrounding oneself with creative pieces that captivate one’s curiosity. This adds impacts, bring a richer level of meaning and depth to every design. We oversee every project to ensure that it correctly reflects the original design brief and intent and that our high standards of attention to detail are upheld. We have built up strong relationships with a variety of skilled consultants thus joining forces with them to efficiently safeguard the smooth running of any project.

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