We believe that a personal, comprehensive service is very important in these days of impersonal business. Lakes Architect Limited aims to offer the best service possible stressing confidentiality and mutual trust, to achieve the most satisfactory solutions to the Client’s building needs, whether large or small.

We will tailor the service  to your particular requirements, from initial discussions to design and supervision of the building project from drawing board to completion.

Our fees can be charged on an hourly rate, or a lump sum quotation, or a percentage of the overall cost, whichever is most appropriate. Our policy is to hold an initial discussion with the Client, free of charge, in order to clarify the commission and suggest possible solutions and methods of operation and service to be offered.

All buildings challenges suggest a variety of solutions, depending upon the needs and pocket of the Client. For me, the tread is traced in the building traditions of a given area. I am particularly interested in the Arts and Crafts style of design and features which have evolved to meet people’s needs in the most effective and appealing way. This architecture, growing from the environment and deep human needs, has the ability to lift the spirit using traditional materials and design in a functional and sustainable way, whilst being completely compatible with the demands of the 21st century.

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