Lena Jones Designs transforms houses, flats or individual rooms into elegant and inspiring, yet practical and liveable, spaces.

An experienced interior designer and refurbishment specialist, Lena established her firm over 20 years ago and has completed numerous projects for her extremely satisfied clients in Surrey and South West London (her work has appeared in, among other publications, World of Interiors and Surrey Homes magazines).

Lena’s signature designs tend to feature neutral, layered backgrounds with pops of colour, but she is always attentive to her clients’ preferences and would never impose her own style. However, the integrity of a property is important to Lena, so she works hard to retain historical features or, if necessary, restore them.

Not only does Lena have a wonderful eye for interiors, but she is also incredibly efficient and well-organised. She works to clear budgets, achieves deadlines and employs only the best builders and craftspeople, so her clients never feel overwhelmed and the entire interior design or refurbishment process runs very smoothly.

Lena will add value to your property, but, more than that, she will create a beautiful and comfortable home for you to live in now. She offers an initial consultation free of charge.

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