Who are we?

The Facility is a company that deals with coming up with architectural designs for residential settlements, i.e. houses and apartments. In doing so, we ensure that we pay attention to features such as safety, functionality, sustainability and appearance. This website is not only our way of letting you know what we offer, but it also provides a platform where you can view works that we have done before as well as leave a comment as to the kind of services that you receive.

Our journey

We started this company in 2012 with a handful of architects, and the company has since grown to include a management team that helps us handle financial matters. We also have a productive human resource department that ensures that our clients get excellent services. Everyone who works for the company has at least five years’ experience in architectural design. Thus, the plans created as well as the processes followed are in line with the best practices in the industry. Our growth has not adversely affected the way we handle projects as we make sure that each client gets a specific architect who will follow through on their plans up till the completion stage and even after that. Though you will only get to meet one or two architects during the planning and implementation stage, it is important to note that we work as a team to get the best results out of any one project.

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