For Interior Design Businesses

Showcase your interior design business

Welcome to The Interior Design Showcase, dedicated to promoting the work of interior designers

As an interior design practice how do you ensure your services are listed and presented fairly on a universal platform? One that is dedicated to promoting the work of interior designers?

The Interior Design Showcase has been designed to present and promote the work of interior designers on a fair basis so that designers with specialities and expert skills can be found and selected for those abilities. With designers’ profiles based on transparency, prospective design clients can source and select designers not only for their capabilities but also for compatible methods of working and charging.

Based on priorities that are common to both professional and residential clients TIDS has created a system of presenting interior designers’ businesses. We present objectively:

  • Skills
  • Specialities
  • Working style and methods
  • Charging structure

This in turn overcomes the following reasons why clients often do not buy interior design services such as:

  • Confusion over charging methods
  • Uncertainty over designers’ suitability or capacity
  • Lack of understanding of key design processes.

A platform that is proactively marketing your services

Through our research, we know that marketing is one of the most important concerns for interior designers and managers of interior design practices.

The Interior Design Showcase is designed to drive potential clients to interior designers’ websites and get in touch.

Who is this directory suitable for?

  • Interior designer owner-managed businesses
  • International interior design and multi-disciplinary practices
  • Freelance interior designers
  • Trans-disciplinary design practices
  • Architects’ practices with in-house interior design faculties
  • Interior designers who are job-seeking

What type of clients will be searching on this directory?

  • Architects and project managers looking for interior designers to join their project team
  • Home-owners looking for interior designers for minor and major upgrades and new builds
  • Owner-managed businesses looking for interior design services
  • Clients’ agents acting on behalf of large corporates seeking interior design services
  • Property developers and house-builders.

What criteria will potential clients be able to search by?

  • Town or region
  • Nature of project – whether the project is domestic or contract, multi-million or below £25,000, for example
  • Services – for example procurement/supply, project management and presentation methods
  • Charging methods – for example, hourly or fixed-fees
  • The interior designers’ specialities, for example the type of room or building and the support services offered.