How ID Showcase wins business for interior designers?

We found that the four key reasons for prospective interior design clients not making contact with an interior design company when seeking design services are:-

1. Prospective clients are unable to confidently assess interior designers’ services when websites often do not give detail on this or are in terms that prospective clients are not familiar with

It is often difficult for you as an interior designer to carry out your marketing and keep your website updated when you are always so busy serving your clients. Key information may be lacking which makes it hard for new clients to interpret your services. We have set out this Showcase in a way that prospective clients can easily understand your type of business.

For larger interior design practices you may be fully up to speed with your marketing and find that our directory is a powerful addition to your SEO activities.

2. Prospective clients are confused over how interior designers charge

As you will know there is a wide disparity in the interior design sector regarding fees, charges and mark-ups. Some sense of how an interior designer is going to charge is needed to give a prospective client the confidence to get in touch and have a useful conversation with you from the get-go. After all, you don’t want prospective clients calling you who are not prepared to pay in accordance with your fee structure.

This directory sets out to provide transparency on design practices’ charging methods.

If you don’t want to reveal your charging methods, then this platform is not for you.

3. Lack of confidence over the designer-client relationship and how this is managed

Who is going to do the purchasing/procurement? Who is going to project manage? How will ideas be presented? Every prospective client needs to know this about the interior designer, from very large construction teams down to a single householder.

This directory ensures this information is clearly displayed so that clients can find the design services that really match their type of project.

4. Lack of knowledge over some of the practical advantages of appointing interior designers

Prospective clients may not know that you may be able to offer procurement, trade discounts and project management services. These types of support services can be the clincher for a client to get in touch.

This directory enables you to clearly list all of your support services.