If all interior design businesses are on this directory, how can my business be promoted with so much competition?

All prospective clients are unique, so are interior designers, this platform allows them to find each other based on shared values and essential criteria. Many businesses are not being found at all online let alone for their specialities and we believe in an Abundance Mentality in that there is enough for everyone and there is room for everyone.

If you believe your business is in competition with all other interior design companies and you have to fight it out alone then this platform is probably not for you.

If you want to achieve a greater impact than that with a standard profile you can do so by buying featured listings and advertising, email us ([email protected]) to find out more.

How much does it cost?

Automatic Free Listing – this is free! You can see the typical content for a free listing here

Premium Listing – costs £240 + VAT per annum. This is a deliberately inexpensive fee to ensure it is completely affordable for all interior design businesses.

A Premium Listing allows you to include photographs of your work, submit blog articles, advertise job opportunities, list your services in detail. You can see an example of a Premium Listing here

For a complete list of the levels of subscription, promotions and costs click here.

Does this mean the website will be full of advertising?

In short, no. There will be promotions for other interior design companies, and some professional services, but not for any other type of advertiser.

The Interior Design Showcase is designed to be a professional marketplace with standards and appearance appropriate to serve interior design businesses and their prospective clients.

I don’t want to give all this information on my business, can I still be in the directory

Yes, you can, there is an option for skipping the provision of information on your company. But it means clients are less likely to select your company for their projects if you are not providing upfront information.

What are the benefits of publishing a blog article on The Interior Design Showcase?

As an interior designer you will probably be considering writing articles for publication on TIDS if you have not had the time to develop your own blog but would like to enjoy the advantages of publishing on a platform with a wide audience.

So the benefits are that:-

  • You have an active and design-orientated blog platform with a ready-made audience of peers and potential clients on which you can publish what you want to say.
  • You will be building your professional online profile.
  • You will have guidance on how to best present your article content.
  • TIDS will carry out the relevant social media to drive readers to your article.
  • You don’t need to spend time designing a layout or uploading as we do all that for you.

I don’t want to be on this directory – can you take me off please?

You can of course ask us to remove your listing if you do not wish to appear in The Interior Design Showcase and we will delete your details.