01. Images and captions

You will need to send us up to twelve images to be displayed on your profile page.

We put your images into an automatic cropping software which creates a gallery of uniformly shaped images on your profile page. When clicked each image opens up into its full size.

All images must be sent to us with a minimum of 1000 pixels wide and 600 pixels height.

02. How to send images

Please do not email us images, we will be unable to use images that are sent via email.

You can send up to 2GB of images to us free of charge via WeTransfer at wetransfer.com.

Please enter recipient’s email address as [email protected]

03. Captions

Captions will need to be a minimum, including spaces, of 160 characters and a maximum of 180 characters.

To count the characters, you have probably used the Word Count tool in Word however for those unfamiliar with it, highlight the relevant text, go to Review and then to Word Count.

For captions please send a Word document or PDF including each image reference and the caption you wish to include for that image. Please include “Interior design by …” at the end of each caption as your images will be found around the web and it is important that your company name is attached.

04. A typical page of captions will look like this:-

Captions for images

The finished images and captions on the profile page will look like this example:- i.d.space listing