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Dear __NAME__,

I am getting in touch as I want to introduce you to The Interior Design Showcase and to offer you a Premium Profile (at no cost to you).

We are a newbie on the Interior Design Directory scene with the ambitious goal of providing a universal platform which promotes the services of interior designers and interior architects.

Our core aim is to present interior design businesses in a format so that prospective clients can choose, not only on track record and design ability, but also compatibility on fee-charging structures, capacity, specialisms and ethos. Clients selecting via The Interior Design Showcase will know whether interior design practices are charging by the hour, fixed price or are making a profit on the supply of goods, in other words, there is transparency from the get-go. We do not want to exclude any organisations that operate under the “interior design” label, but to provide to prospective clients the information that, we believe, they should have upfront. With no national regulatory body (still) in operation for the interior design industry we aim to create a single reference point for interior design clients.

You can read more here on benefits of becoming an Interior Design Showcase member

We have picked a handful of interior design practices, including __BUSINESS__, that we would like to promote as part of our launch.

We have already created a placement profile for you – as you can see here __PROFILE__ and would like to offer you one of our Premium Profile listings. You can see a typical listing here

To come on board we will need to set up a 5-minute call where we go through a tick-list on the services you provide and to send us up to twelve images and captions. If you are happy with the images we have selected for you then we just need your captions.

I look forward to hearing from you and publishing your profile on the Showcase.